During the Coronavirus pandemic there may be times when you or your neighbours require basic amenities such as food or medicines but are unable to leave your house.

This may be because you are under going self-isolation, too sick or otherwise effected by the virus.

Conversely, you may be feeling well and have some time to help people in the village by doing some essential food shopping or mediclne collection from the pharmacy.

To request assistance

If you need assistance - or think that you may, please fill out this form here and press submit - to send to the parish council.

To offer assistance

If you can provide assistance, please fill out this form here and press submit - to send to the parish council


Alternatively, send an email to the Clerk to the Parish Council direct (see middle section) or drop a note through the door at: 114, The Meadows, Cherry Burton


The information collected will be held by the Clerk to the Parish Council and all personal information will be strictly controlled in accordance with privacy laws.

Privacy Notice

Coronavirus - Neighbourhood Support Page


If there is sufficient interest in this initiative the information that you provide will be collated and coordinated by the Clerk to the Parish Council who will match helpers with those persons requiring help.

A team of support personnel is being set up in the village involving the Parish Council, St. Michael's Parish Church, Open Door Community Cafe and many more.

  • Helpers will not enter your property - your food/medicine will be left at your front door.
  • All Helpers will carry an identity card.
  • There will be no physical interaction between helpers and helped (a 2 metre separation distance is advised).
  • Payment arrangements will be by mutual agreement.
  • A phone line is being set up to provide advice - details to follow.

The Parish Council accepts no liability whatsoever for the success or failure of these arrangements.


Front Door Poster : Someone in this household has a weak immune system

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